Birth registration and passport application for Malaysian newborn in Singapore

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Today I feel like to do a little national service. If you are a Malaysian parent residing in Singapore and would like to register birth of your newborn (i.e. getting the baby a Malaysian birth cert and a Malaysian passport), this is for you.

All the information you need regarding the documentation required and application time and procedure is available on the tiny leaflet below:

Why am I doing this? Because I was very fed up having to travel 20km to the Malaysian High Commission to pick up the information, before making the actual trip with my newborn. The government dept concerned could have just put up the information on the web somewhere. (I did call up the contact number but there is no option to speak to a human being to ask!) Never mind. Simple thing that I can help with as a typically frustrated Malaysian citizen.

  • The locaiton is 301 Jervois Road. It is not an easy place to locate in Singapore. See the exact location on Wikimapia.
  • Applications must be submitted between 8am and 11am.
  • There is a photo-taking booth in the office that you can use. I think it’s S$6 per shot.
  • There is no convenient parking nearby. Go for illegal parking, unfortunately, along a quiet road opposite the complex.
  • There are no nearby MRT stations too. Alight at either Tiong Bahru or Orchard, then get a taxi.
  • If you somehow find usefulness in calling up, the Immigration Dept contact number is 6732.8067.

And if you are from the Immigration Dept concerned, I can help you set up a simple informational website for a small fee, big discount for a national service.